Zlata - The Most Flexible Gymnast in the World


Zlata is a Russian-born former gymnast, 24, is one of the world’s most extreme contortionists. Zlata’s height is 5ft 9ins and weighing just eight and a half stone, Zlata spends most of her day working out and training for shows around the world. In one of her favourite acts she bends herself backwards at a perfect 90 degree angle – virtually cutting herself in half so the back of her hands touch her heels. She can even squeeze herself into boxes just 50cms squared. Checkout extreme poses of Zlata.

World's largest Jesus Christ Statue


Poland to build world's largest Jesus Christ statue — A small Polish town has sought to place itself on the global tourist map by building the world's largest statue of Jesus, eclipsing Rio's famous Christ the Redeemer. More images after the break...

German Artist Sails on the Thames in a Paper Boat


After carefully folding it on the banks of the Thames, artist Frank Bölter jumped into his origami boat and sailed it under the surprised gazes of passers-by. Named “To The World’s End”, Frank Bölter’s paper boat was part of the Drift 10 art exhibition, in London. It was created out of giant sheets of paper that he and the public at the Canary Wharf Docks folded, using origami techniques. Reinforced with metal poles, the unusual sailing craft didn’t seem to sink, and its creator was so relaxed that he laid back and read a newspaper, while the public stared at him in awe. More after the break...

Zhang Dexuan – the world’s only artist who creates portraits of braided human hair


Hair-Woven Portraits: 56-year-old Zhang Dexuan, from China’s Sichuan province have something unique to present, as he say he is only the artist in the world that creates Hair-Woven Portraits. He collects hair from family members and by using just six simple tools he creates amazing portraits.

Spooky - little dumb restaurant is located in Belgium


This little dumb restaurant is located in Belgium.  In 2008 it was closed…
This Belgium restaurant had a theme meant to creep people out and was abandoned in 2008. T’Spookhuys Restaurant/Bar is also known as House of 1,000 Ghosts and an occult bar. This bizarrely spooky restaurant had a menu to make you shiver as well as a mummy’s lounge. It had served “mud pie” to be eaten out of a skull, featured rattling chandeliers, smoke pumped down from the ceiling and moving paintings.

The Forgotten City in abandoned buildings


In a series of eloquent title «Unregistered City», the author examines the existing monuments of Chinese modernity – the skyscrapers, high-rise apartments and a network of motorways – but does it in a miniature scale.  Jiang Pengyi leave their models not just in abandoned buildings and empty rooms – this is bound to constructions of old age, belonging to the bygone era and forgotten in our day.
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